I am an experienced designer with over 10 years commercial experience of freelance website design. I specialise in customer / user-centered design, harnessing my knowledge of marketing and campaign optimisation to great effect.

I provide design consultancy services to a variety of clients in Europe and North America where research and data analysis play a large part in developing a successful user experience design strategy, which combined with a high-quality user interface design will lead to happy customers and upward revenue growth.

Space Signpost - Interface Development

Being heavily involved in the final stages of the project I was able to take a strong position in the user interface design for the Space Signpost....

Momentum DVD Artwork

These designs were originally crafted from an experiment with video feedback. The results look crisp and vibrant when rendered against the solid...

Koko: Brother Rat Packaging Design

Title: Koko: Brother Rat - CD and DVD artworkDescription: Designed as part of the promotional campaign for an album and music video launch.

Print Design - Historic Projects

Title: Koko: Brother Rat - Mini CD packagingDescription: The Koko Brother Rat Mini CD packaging was designed to house a 3-inch CD. The CD...