Drupal Themer

I develop themes and templates for Drupal, WordPress and Magento for a number of clients, and have the skills and expertise to create elegant user interfaces that are fast to load with rich SEO capabilities.

As an experienced Drupal themer, I have found the most effective route for theme development is to separate data and presentation into succinct units where modules and theme hooks provide theme variables that do the hard work of rendering data. This means the Drupal theme and template files will remain clean and easy to update with new HTML markup. This is vitally important to any business that requires an agile publishing platform that is easy to manipulate with low running costs.

I regularly use Twitter Bootstrap and other HTML frameworks when developing themes for Drupal which provides a powerful responsive foundation to any Drupal website or web application. I tend to build Drupal themes from the ground up as this provides great control over engineering user interfaces for Drupal, and where appropriate I utilise tools created for other projects to expedite the theme development process. Using automated build tools such as Gulp also helps alleviate the burden of managing upgrades to the user interface.

If you need expert help creating Drupal themes then get in touch. As an experienced Drupal consultant, I provide a range of Drupal development services that are tailored to my clients needs.