Fedee Consultancy Services

Project Overview

FedEE Global offer a wide range of legal and HR services to both mature global companies and those who are looking to expand into new international territories. I was hired to create WordPress powered micro-sites that would allow the company to sell their services into territories with high-growth prospects.


The company have a well-established corporate website that is used for marketing their primary HR and employment law subscription service to international companies. Although this website does a good job at generating leads and revenue it proved difficult to tailor the site for marketing specialised, bespoke products and services to high-growth regions. To open up these growth markets the company required two easy to easy WordPress powered micro-sites that were available in both English and Chinese languages.

What I did

My client often presents their services at conferences and other venues where users are seated with a mixture of hand-held and laptop devices so it was clear that a responsive website design was needed in order to match the requirements of users. The micro-sites are also intended to be small with focused content based on a particular marketing campaign so I decided to use an advanced one page layout which would allow sections on the site to be added and removed quickly and easily to suit my clients marketing campaigns.

Using Twitter Bootstrap as the responsive HTML framework for the sites I approached the website design part of the project in a similar way to other projects by rapidly creating a clickable wireframe prototype. This allowed me to test the basic interaction of the sites with various company stakeholders whilst also serving a base for future development work.

Once the basic interaction design once approved by the client, I designed the look and feel of the sites and created the basic interactive company by again using a static HTML clickable prototype authored using Twitter Bootstrap. The prototype now looked more like the finished article and featured a full-screen carousel, parallax backgrounds, contact forms and maps.

The final static prototype was then integrated into a bespoke WordPress theme which I integrated with the advanced custom fields WordPress plugin to provide full control over the various features developed during the prototype phase. The final CMS implementation allows for an infinite amount of site sections to be added, removed and customised from the WordPress administration screens which means my client has full control and is able to quickly adapt the site according to their marketing efforts.


The sites have allowed the company to embark on various marketing initiatives in new and emerging markets such as China, Africa and India. Maintenance costs are low as the sites are almost entirely self-service whilst simultaneously providing an enormous amount of flexibility.