How to deal with Chickenpox

Having one poorly child is tough, having two poorly children is just plain difficult especially when they have Chickenpox.

My Son recently came down with a typical case of Chickenpox that left us all exhausted - I spent a few nights camped out on my sons floor on an inflatable bed so I was on-hand for when he woke up itching. This was then compounded by my youngest of 7 months getting it along with her first teeth which made her very uncomfortable and in need of constant cuddles and soothing. Here is what I learned and some tips on how to get everyone back on their feet.

Things to treat the symptoms:

  • Oats
  • Poxclin
  • Calamine lotion
  • Loose / Oversized 100% Cotton PJs - Polyester will make the little one sweat so best to avoid.

First of all oat baths really help sooth the itches your child suffers - put several handfulls of oats into a clean sock or similar and squeeze repeatedly until the bath turns milky beige. Use a sponge to douse them in the oat water and don't apply too much pressure.

When drying them gently press the towel onto their skin and don't rub as you don't want to burst their blisters. After the child is mostly dry, apply a generous amount of Poxclin (it has the texture of light shaving foam), let it absorb into the skin and get them dressed in the oversized 100% cotton clothes. Note: the Poxclin is slightly sticky so guide the clothes onto the little one and remember to make sure your child is cool so tight fitting baby grows and vests just don't work.

Use Calamine lotion on exposed body parts like the face and head and also use it to treat really itchy places. Repeat every 3-4 hours!

I hope the above helps someone who has the misfortune of having a child with Chickenpox - it really is quite distressing to see your beautiful offspring in so much discomfort but a few simple steps can help smooth the way.