The importance of a website design brief

This article attempts to show the importance of writing a design brief and how the design brief will allow both parties - the client and the designer - to move forward in harmony whilst simultaneously protecting the core interests of your business.

What is a design brief?

A design brief is a written document developed by the client and the designer. A design brief is usually developed from meetings, phone calls and emails between both parties and may take time to get right.

What is the purpose of a design brief?

A design brief serves as an essential reference point for both parties where various aspects of the project are discussed and agreed upon before project commencement. This helps to develop trust between the client and designer whilst highlighting relevant issues and enabling efficient project management and delivery.

The design brief should outline the aims, objectives and milestones of the project.

Tip: time = money, the more time you spend addressing problems and issues during the project, the more expensive - both financially and emotionally - the project will be. So invest in the early stages of the project by getting the brief correct to save yourself from headaches and make the most of your budget over the lifespan of the project.

This article will soon be followed by an in depth tutorial on the best practices for developing a design brief.