Informr: Domain Stakeout Web Application

Note: has now been sold. has been developed as a container for various public and private applications that depend on time sensitive information.

Informr - Domain Stakeout is the first public service to be deployed under the Informr brand and has proved very beneficial to me in obtaining high quality domain names.

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About the Service
Informr is your personal snitch, designed to give you the low down on crucial information.

Informr - Domain Stakeout.
Informr - Domain Stakeout is designed to make snatching expiring domains a breeze by doing the legwork for you.

Simply provide a wanted list of keywords together with a few other details and receive alerts to your inbox.


  • Search for expiring domain names using a list of keywords
  • Create a list of banned words to fine-tune your search results
  • Exclude numbers and hyphens
  • Search for a particular TLD such as .com or .net
  • Search for domains of certain character count
  • View a list of expiring dictionary names
  • View basic information about a particular domain such as whois records

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General Product Info

Get the lowdown on expiring domains at

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