IOS Iphone / Jquery Interactions

Whilst recently working on a micro-site I was tasked with creating an interaction style similar to Flash. So I decided to use jQuery to quickly create a product information display that would initiate on mouse over / hover.

The final result is easy on the eye and fully supported across multiple browsers and devices.

I am very keen to move away from Adobe Flash and have been getting up to speed with HTML5, CSS3 and Jquery to produce cross platform interactivity that degrades nicely across browsers.

The one thing that is really concerning me at the moment is the difference of interaction styles between devices and as can be seen in the example above, the mouse over / hover interaction is different on an iPhone, IPad or touch enabled device. The mouse over / hover event becomes a standard click.

This is problematic from an interaction design point of view because interactions are different between devices. The result is acceptable in the example above and I am happy that my work is fully capable on both standard browser such as FireFox and Internet Explorer but also IOS. As more JQuery plugins and web standards are implemented for various devices the complexity of interaction design is going to increase. So I am going to develop some best practices based on my work for multinational clients that I will publish in the future as it would be of benefit to all internet users to have similar core interactions across devices where applicable.