Social Marketing

Social Marketing is a relatively new form of online advertising and with Facebook now receiving more impressions per month than Google it may well be time for your company to make the leap into this new market. The social advertising model is fairly complex but shares many similarities with traditional online advertising models. Facebook Ads uses both Cost Per Click and CPM models where you advertise your products or services for either a set cost per click or pay a certain amount per 1000 advert page impressions.

As a media planner, digital designer and media buyer, I have created and delivered advertising collateral across many large scale websites where page impressions run to tens of millions per month and in my experience CPC is the best advertising model to use for driving sales and conversions whilst keeping the cost under control.

The beauty of Facebook Ads is that you can run your campaigns using either advertising model, this will provide you with flexibility because sometimes you will be outbid on CPC basis and can compensate by using a CPM model instead. Facebook Ads allows you to switch between the different models at any time.

I manage social marketing and advertising for various clients and have a proven track record at delivering cost effective results for both small and big budget clients so get in touch and I will happily assess your advertising needs.