Space Signpost - Interface Development

Being heavily involved in the final stages of the project I was able to take a strong position as the user interface designer for the Space Signpost. The Space Signpost itself is a magnificent installation set within Millennium Square in Bristol. Here is what Doctor Adam Nieman says about the work I produced for the Space Signpost project:

"Justin Norton made an important contribution to Space Signpost, a science communication project I developed in collaboration with Futurelab. He created a sophisticated interface that incorporated all the learning from user research we had conducted. The project was under time pressure when Justin came onboard and Justin's role carried a lot of responsibility, but this did not prevent him approaching the job creatively. He worked well with the whole team and was an asset to the project as much for his imagination as for his technical skills."

Please visit the Space Signpost website for more information about this project.

Space Signpost: Tour The Sun Screen

Space Signpost: Casini Screen

Space Signpost: User Interaction