Twitter Bootstrap Developer

Having a responsive, mobile-friendly website is very important for SEO and customers are increasingly using mobile phones and tablets to access the internet. I provide advanced Twitter Bootstrap front-end web development services for a number of clients who want a simple, cost-effective solution that handles the ever growing amount of browser and screen size combinations.

Twitter Bootstrap - Responsive / Mobile Friendly User Interfaces

Twitter Bootstrap is a responsive front-end HTML/CSS framework that provides low-maintenance cross-browser, cross-platform, mobile-friendly websites and web applications. Originally named Twitter Blueprint, it was developed by Jacob Thornton and Mark Otto at Twitter. It was built to provide a consistent set of tools used across the company. Before Bootstrap Twitter used many different front-end libraries for internal applications which led to high maintenance costs and inefficient digital operations.

After initial development of Bootstrap as a private tool it was released to the public as an open source project on August 19, 2011. In now a widely used front-end framework, having been used on over 7 million websites and powering some of the worlds most popular sites (

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