This is a small selection of design and development work produced without copyright or contractual restriction. Much of my professional work is subject to non-disclosure agreements and will not be displayed here without the permission of my clients. If you require more information or you are interested in working with me then feel free to get in touch.

Cancer Research Technology

Drupal SEO, feature development and ongoing maintanence for CRUK involving boosting website performance and developing new functionality.

The Spicery Box Switcher Web Application

To move the company forward and halt a slide in sales we decided to create a web application that worked in a similar way to the by allowing customers to switch boxes and manage basic settings such as personal information.

Magic5 Software UI Redesign

I was commissioned by Magic5 software to produce a new user interface design for their reporting and administration software.

Butn is a social network developed for business travelers. I was hired to turn the project around after initial development had stalled and the project was in free-fall.

Conran Design Group

Conran Design Group approached me to redevelop their existing website using Drupal. This was an exciting challenge that required a flexible approach to Drupal development and involved many different stakeholders from across the group.


The project encompassed the migration of six separate websites integrated into a single WordPress website with a shared user database to allow for single sign-on across the main site, forum and sub-sites.

Fast Car Magazine Website

Whilst employed by Future Publishing as a web developer I had the opportunity to lead the development, migration and re-launch of The project...

Breast Cancer Now

Drupal development project and ongoing support for Breast Cancer Now.

Study Bridge International Microsites

Study Bridge Group required a simple template design that could be easily customized to suit a particular marketing campaign.