HTML Developer

I have been hand-coding websites using HTML for over 10 years and as a consequence I consider myself an expert HTML developer as I am capable of writing elegant code in short time scales. I have created front-end code for some of the UK's most popular websites and have in-depth commercial experience of creating HTML templates for content management systems such as WordPress, Drupal, and Magento Commerce.

I sometimes use a CSS framework like Twitter Bootstrap when developing the front-end for a new site as this can reduce project risk when it comes to testing a site across different browsers and platforms. Although CSS / HTML frameworks are beneficial when used correctly, I also build my own templates from scratch when the need arises. My more recent work has been focused on creating responsive interfaces for mobile, tablet and desktop computers.

I build W3C valid, semantic, well optimised websites with accessibility in mind, search engines love the code I write so you can be sure that your website will be 'seen' by as many people as possible.

Knowing how an old version of Firefox works with HTML is as important today as when the browser was first launched. I have vast commercial experience of developing websites and web applications that work cross-platform and cross-browser, whether viewed in Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera, Chrome, IPhone, Android, smartphone or tablet.