Magento Upgrade from to

Having recently upgraded a Magento installation from to, I know how drastically things can go wrong. I have now completed a new upgrade and here is how to successfully upgrade Magento from version to

  1. Back up your database
  2. Create a new empty database for
  3. Upload the database to the new database
  4. Download, unzip and upload Magento to a new folder on your server
  5. Visit the folder using your browser and install Magento using the new database which contains the old data. This process will take a long time to go make a coffee.
  6. Enter your login credentials and transaction key (the same as the old install) and finish the new installation.
  7. Test everything works as expected in the new install.
  8. You are now ready to go live with the new install so just change folder names, etc to use the new folder containing the new Magento install.
  9. Drink the coffee because it's now getting cold.