I am an experienced designer with over 10 years commercial experience of freelance website design. I specialise in customer / user-centered design, harnessing my knowledge of marketing and campaign optimisation to great effect.

I provide design consultancy services to a variety of clients in Europe and North America where research and data analysis play a large part in developing a successful user experience design strategy, which combined with a high-quality user interface design will lead to happy customers and upward revenue growth.

The Spicery Box Switcher Web Application

To move the company forward and halt a slide in sales we decided to create a web application that worked in a similar way to the by...

Magic5 Software UI Redesign

I was commissioned by Magic5 software to produce a new user interface design for their reporting and administration software.

Butn is a social network developed for business travelers. I was hired to turn the project around after initial development had stalled and the...

Study Bridge International Microsites

Study Bridge Group required a simple template design that could be easily customized to suit a particular marketing campaign.