Video and Animation Design

Video and animation is used extensively within multimedia and the web and this is set to expand at an exponential rate with the global adoption of faster Internet connections. As a multimedia designer, I produce video and animation for a number of platforms and devices such as: DVD, CD-ROM, and the web.

Video and Animation as an Advertising Tool

Video and animation can provide some very interesting SEO results by helping you jump to the top of a search engine results page. This is in part due to the current bias of search engines in favouring video over traditional text-based multimedia and points to the future of search engine optimization. The truly stand-out feature of using video and animation is that it can 'go viral'. This is where many people recommend your video to their friends, family and colleagues, triggering a chain reaction or critical mass whereby more and more people recommend your content to their social peers.

The flexibility of video and animation is also a major plus point when considering using it as a marketing tool. Often, video or animation can be re-purposed into a variety of formats and can be hosted in various locations on the web to maximize your exposure. There are various ways you can use video and animation to advertise your products and services, here are just a few:

  • Flash Banner Advertising
  • Video Tutorials, Presentations and Screen Casts
  • Interactive Video such as DVD and CD-ROM based content
  • Short Films and Viral Video Campaigns

Integrating video and animation with an advertising campaign will set you apart from your competitors. Your customers will appreciate your efforts in creating a video or animation because it is simple to use and provides easy access to knowledge about your products and services.

The Marketing Message

Developing a marketing message is hugely important when considering video and animation as an advertising tool. You could simply make a video about your products and upload it to YouTube but by doing that you are missing out on the huge traffic that flows through media sharing websites. By working with you I can get the most from your advertising spend by creating video and animations that are compelling, with the potential of going viral.

Advertising Campaign Optimisation

Whilst video and animation can prove a beneficial tool for driving traffic to your site, it is strongly encouraged that you optimise your landing pages to directly reflect the marketing message and tasks associated with the advertising campaign. Using statistical analysis of user trends your campaign can be optimised both prior to campaign launch and during the campaign lifespan. This enables your advertising campaign to develop along with your visitor's needs and expectations, leading to increased customer satisfaction and an increase in conversion gains.