Conversion Gains: Making More Money

E-Commerce is about one thing: money! How to maximize your revenues is a complex subject so before you go out and spend money on marketing and advertising or a new website design you should consider if your current website or online store is really pulling its weight and serving your endeavors effectively.

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E-commerce System and Website Analysis

By analyzing your E-commerce system and website using user experience design techniques I am able to offer performance tuning that deliver real results to your company's profit margin. I specialize in maximizing AOV (average order value), and ROI (return in investment). The experience of browsing the Internet and shopping online should be customer focused, this is why I approach all interactive projects with the customer in mind. By using customer-centered design techniques I can fine-tune your website or online store so that visitors become paying customers. There are many books that I recommend to my clients in an effort to better understand customer-centered design, my current favourite and a must read for any website owner is Don't Make Me Think!: A Common Sense Approach to Web Usability. Get the book if you are serious about your business and customers, it will fill in the blanks and make your business a lot better.

Content, Context and Visitor Intent

Understanding the intent of visitors to your website* is very important when assessing the design of an online store. For instance, if you receive a lot of traffic via paid advertising such as pay per click listings, then you need to fine tune your landing pages for those advertisements. For example, if you are advertising using a specific product term such as 'wide-screen HD TV' then the landing page for that referral should be optimized for wide-screen HD TVs and not simply TVs - simple, but this is only the first step.

Supporting Media

Further enhancements to the customer experience can be made by using supporting media and links such as product recommendations and suggested paths of action i.e. related articles/products recommendations, bookmark this page, recommend to a friend and newsletter sign-up forms to alert the visitor of important product updates.

Supporting media elements should be directly related to the context of the initial action/click and are very useful in keeping indecisive visitors on your website allowing you to further promote contextual products and services.

The Outcome

By understanding the context in which content resides, conversion gains can be achieved in harmony with your marketing and advertising activities, and will also provide valuable insights into how your products are perceived by visitors to your website with greater connotations to the brand perception of your company.

If you are interest in how I can help you increase your online sales and provide greater ROI and AOV, and lower CPA costs then please contact me.

User experience design is critically important when considering the effectiveness of landing pages and supporting media.